SIU Business Support

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  • Benefit from a wide range of support service for your company
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  • All businesses are welcome with up to 50 employees. If you have more we will invoice you for +£3 GPB for each extra.
  • Membership provides you with a unique group of services where the benefits make the membership cost-neutral
  • 24/7, 365 days a year support
  • Easy, hassle free checkout via PayPal

  •     SIU Business Support Benefits

  • Legal Services
  • HR Services
  • Coroners, Magistrates, Crown, County Court Representation
  • Defence Services for UK Authority Investigations and Prosecutions;
  • HM Revenue & Customs, Police, Health and Safety Executive, Trading Standards,
  • Care Quality Commission, Information Commissioners Office, Security Industry Authority
  • Intellectual Property Protection and Prosecution
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Complaint Support, Advice & Assistance
  • Employee Disciplinary & Grievance Support, Advice & Assistance
  • Debt Recovery and Legal Action
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*All SIU membership benefits are discretionary and subject to our terms and conditions.

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