Wage Protection SIU Membership

£1 a week

Wage Protection SIU Membership

Designed for both employed and self employed professionals who would like a hassle free recovery of their wages or invoices should the employer or client fails or refuses to pay. This includes salary, invoices, commission and bonuses, holiday pay, statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay, statutory sick pay, notice pay, loans and advances of wages expenses and redundancy payments. SIU has a strong negotiation power as well as the ability to fund cases in order to enforce the recovery of your wages through the courts.

- Provision of support and advice
- Recovery of unpaid wages and/or invoices either by negotiation or through the courts

Anyone can join SIU including; employed, self employed, and director of registered companies

For new members only (This benefit is also available with all other 12 SIU memberships)

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Wage Protection SIU Membership Weekly Paid 1GBP/week

SIU Membership

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