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Security Industry Union Ltd.

Welcome to SIU, the UK's Multi Trade Body for Security

SIU is the Multi Trade Body for over 439,000 security professionals and medics.
We represent and protect your rights, help you advance your career, increase your income through education, and provide advice.
With the UK's first and only Security Rehabilitation Centre, we support your physical and psychological well-being and offer you a unique group of member benefits that isn't available to the general public.


24/7, 365 days a year support

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Unique membership benefits program

Relax. We've got your back.

For Security

Unique Member Benefits

Protect your best interests both at work and off duty with SIU membership along with accessing a unique group of member benefits.

For Medics

Global Insurance Cover

Medical Malpractice, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Inquest Costs, Loss of Documents, Breach of Professional Confidentiality, Libel and Slander.

For Employers

Employee Benefits & Wellness

Employee benefits solutions for your organisation which is effective and worthy for your employees while minimising absenteeism and sickness.

What are people saying?

Our members are proud to talk about SIU

"Best company around to deal with our situations thank god for you without the union we would be stuffed and maybe out of work. Thank you! I am the biggest fan of siu as they have personally helped me."

Dale Parkery

SIU Member

“At last I can do my job & know that I am in safe hands should things go wrong as they sometimes do….plus there is a friendly Facebook page where I can get information & actually talk to a real person even late at night instead of hitting an answer phone message”

Martin Johnson

SIU Member

"Excellent service provided today. This is a must have for any working security male or female. The costs of getting a solicitor, it pays itself and its there for free! Once you have joined the SIU it is a very prompt service."

Alan Bent

SIU Member

"I have SIU to back me up in times when no one else can. "

Adam Webster

SIU Member

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Extraordinary benefits for Security

Welcome to SIU

Pre-2009, the security workers did not have the dedicated support and services they deserved, and we decided to change that for good.

Protecting You

Protecting your rights at work and off duty

Income Support

Financial support following workplace injury up to £175 per week in addition to statutory sick pay of £98.85 per week

Providing You Benefits

Unique SIU membership benefits program in the UK and across the Globe

Supporting You

24/7, 365 days a year support

Advancing Your Prospects

Helping you to improve your prospects though education

Security Rehabilitation Centre

Physiotherapy treatment following injury, illness or surgery and psychological support due to stress, anxiety, and depression around the clock when you require help in strict confidence

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The UK's Multi Trade Body for Security

We are incredibly proud of protecting the protectors who are working relentlessly in the backbone of the United Kingdom's infrastructure and around the Globe.



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We ensure our member benefits are versatile and relevant to all our membership base and continuously reviewed and enhanced.

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