Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Corporate Partnership

Welcome to SIU, The UK's Multi Trade Body for Security

SIU offers an unparalleled approach to corporate partnerships.

Employee mental health and wellbeing are more frequently on the public agenda. By working with us, your organisation will demonstrate to your customers, employees, suppliers, and partners that your organisation takes employee mental health and wellbeing very seriously.

More importantly, working with us leads to increased employee morale, performance, and retention, attracting high-quality candidates, reducing employee sickness, sick pay, and disruption to your business.

It also improves employee management and due diligence for your staff as well as enhancing your organisational evaluation of the various applications, accreditations, and inspections, such as the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme, Care Quality Commission, and British Standards.

Some of the significant benefits we offer:

– Residential physiotherapy treatment following injury, illness, or surgery
– Residential psychological treatment due to stress, anxiety, and depression
– Remote physio assessments and treatments with a video link
– Counseling sessions for better mental health either with a telephone or video link
– Workplace mediation between the employer and the employee
– Workplace representation
– Legal support including SIA licence suspension and revocation appeals

Furthermore, we provide free unlimited technical services for your organisation such as;

– Unlimited technical support
– Unlimited design, branding and corporate brochures
– Unlimited web design, updates, and hosting
– Unlimited data security and recovery
– Unlimited PC/MAC/User support

It is likely that some of your employees are already self-subscribing to SIU for membership benefits, which are provided without any additional fee. However, there are other subscription options, which your organisation may offer your employees as an employee benefit:

Option 1: Employees individually subscribe
Option 2: Employees and employer partly contribute towards the subscription
Option 3: Employer subscribes for their employees

For further information, please email us at corporate@the-siu.org.uk or fill in the contact form below.


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