Thursday, July 25, 2024

Personal Information Promise

Professional Body that listens, understands and acts for its members.


We will;

1. value the personal information entrusted to us and make sure we respect that trust;

2. go further than just the letter of the law when it comes to handling personal information, and adopt good practice standards;

3. consider and address the privacy risks first when we are planning to use or hold personal information in new ways, such as when introducing new systems;

4. be open with individuals about how we use their information and who we give it to;

5. make it easy for individuals to access and correct their personal information;

6. keep personal information to the minimum necessary and delete it when we no longer need it;

7. have effective safeguards in place to make sure personal information is kept securely and does not fall into the wrong hands;

8. provide training to staff who handle personal information and treat it as a disciplinary matter if they misuse or don’t look after personal information properly;

9. put appropriate financial and human resources into looking after personal information to make sure we can live up to our promises; and

10. regularly check that we are living up to our promises and report on how we are doing.


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