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Security Staff Accused of Taking Bribe

Security staff accused of taking bribe

SIA will be assisting investigation after Brixton Academy tragedy

Feb 2023

Paul Fullwood, SIA Director of Inspections and Enforcement, stated that they are working with the Metropolitan Police to assist them with their investigation into the tragedy that took place at the 02 Brixton Academy on the night of December 15, 2022 as hundreds of people tried to get into Afro pop star Asake’s show despite the venue having already been packed. As a result of the fatal crowd crush two people died at the hospital, including the security guard Gaby Hutchinson, 23, and Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, and one was left in critical condition.

The fatal crush was initially blamed on people without tickets forcing entry as the concert was beginning. But this account was questioned by witnesses who said the vast majority of those outside at the time had tickets and those without tickets had entered earlier. Since the tragedy, the BBC’s File on Four reported a whistle-blower’s claim that security guards at Brixton Academy regularly took bribes to let people into shows without tickets.

The whistle-blower at AP Security, who did not reveal his real name, alleged some of his colleagues made up to £1,000 cash. He stated, “Our company knew what was going on and they knew people who were doing it, and they did nothing about it.” He also claimed there were just 110 security guards that night when the number should have been 190.

SIA Director of Inspections and Enforcement Paul Fullwood announced they will review licensing arrangements and take appropriate action against any individual or company carrying out such practices as part of their regulatory licencing responsibility across the private security industry.

He added, “We regularly meet with security companies to ensure their staff adhere to the highest professional standards. It is a requirement that contracted security staff have passed our accreditation process to secure a licence. If a security operative falls below these standards, we demand an immediate investigation by the company that employs them.”


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