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Proud to talk about SIU.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. I believe you provide a fantastic service.” Craig Pickering

“Join today you never know when you may need it” Malcolm Beddis

“I rate you a Big 10” Peter MacDonald

“10/10 great work guys high recommend to all my security friends and colleagues” Matthew Matty Lloyd

“Best union ever Would recommend them to anyone” J Jimmy

“10/10” Justin Thorburn

“8/10” Ashley May

“10+/10” Tom Adonis

“Cracking service guys! 7/10” Jamie Tarling

“A big 10/10 as I’m a former soldier and now in security so this perfect for me” William Martin

“A perfect 10/10 you’re the best union out there “ Ryan Mason

“Best company around to deal with our situations thank god for you without the union we would be stuffed and maybe out of work. Thank you! I am the biggest fan of siu as they have personally helped me” Dale Parker

“10/10 better than any trade union. keep up good work boys.” Marc Tindle

“10/10!” Greig Warren

“must be more than 10/10. I would say closer to 50” Philip Wood-Fisher

“10/10” Josh Goodridge

“5/5 join :)” Ash Jones

“5/5 The services that they provide recommend that you join. Best thing I ever did was join siu.” Mike Symes

“very helpful to have someone watching out for our interests” Daniel Kenny

“Excellent service” Paul Elliott

“I’ve been following on Facebook, and my workmates have all joined recently, and now I’m joining, as I want to ensure I’m protected.” Shaun Horsley

“Great company” Patrick Leafe

“Excellent benefits” David Doherty


“a worthwhile organisation to be a part of” Luke Grinstead

“Recently joined….for the sake of a few quid a month (tax deductible I believe), it is certainly worth it. Hopefully, the SIU can go from strength to strength!” Richard Mulholland

“great service” S Mansel

“very good” Philip Davenport

“Great service” Paul Cole

“great for the security sector !!” Barry Leeke


“a pleasure as always” Nick Morrey

“Nice to finally see a company dedicated to looking after security officers, well done on a great idea. “ Andrew Clark


“important information, services “ Adam Rickead

“Thanks guys for offering a what looks like a great partnership in representation in a field of work that is hard enough to deal with. “ John Tulley

“excellent service” Joan Egan

“just great” Darren Willis

“It’s great to have someone to look out for is in the security sector” Leigh Carter

“Very good from my dealings so far” Ashley Winter

“doing a good job keep it up” John Hulbert

“Fantastic … Best thing ever for the security industry :)” Kendal Frodsham

“very good” Joan Egan

“Excellent work! :)” Emmet Griffin

“Great organisation” Greg Brinklow

“Great offers” Stephen Nardone

“Fantastic” Jonathan Facer

“Excellent communication for members, have not had to use you yet but it’s very reassuring to know you are there if I had to. Thanks guys, well done” Antony Barlow

“brilliant service” Dale Parker

“Brilliant union very helpful” John Clack

“5* service as always best union in security industry” Andrew Clark

“amazing company” Andrew Bowers

“Top class” Richard Boon

“Keep up the good work well with joining” Anthony Nicholls

“Great Organisation “ Anthony Nicholls

“Wouldn’t be the same without the SIU 🙂 “ Lee Jackson

“Love it!” Keith Tilbury

“Good stuff. Happy with my membership.” Paul Simmonds

“great work guys keep it up” : Tom byrne

“Brilliant service and advice.” Scott Friel

“Think you do awesome job” Del Gray

“Brill Service” Christopher Jones

“siu is the only choice for 100% member protection.” Neil Bryce

“Informative in many subjects in the industry.” Kim Pryce

“Great organisation” Mike Ching

“You are a great help to all in the security industry.” Richard Flowers

“BRILLANT Keep up the good work” Richard Pepper

“Good job guys” Paul Symons

“Keep up the great work!!!” Ross Mercer

“Perfect company with perfect offers.” Jason Grant

“Brilliant service and advice.” Scott Friel

“Keep up your fantastic work guys. I couldn’t even imagine doing my job without you.” Stewart Lindsay

“Very good” Angela Briggs

“Keep up the good work, tally ho! “ Simon Robertson

“Thanks for your support.” Egidijus Lucinskis

“Awesome company” Bryan Jenkins

“Nice to finally see a company dedicated to looking after security officers, well done on a great idea.” Andy Clark

“KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!” Ewan Christie

“Wonderful service always by your side.” Toqir Mulak

“SIU = great benefits and great prices! There to help you when you need it most. Get protected… Get SIU!!” Scott Ormiston

“Also joined siu for peace of mind, just good to know your backed up by ppl who know what they are actually talking about. advice that benefits the working man in their industry and their families. Keep up the good work.” Wayne Chan

“Join siu for peace of mind, especially if you have worthless managers in the security industry” John David Easton

“Just want to thank the SIU for the goody bag I got on Saturday torch, bag, and lots more thank you SIU for the speed I got them “ Ali Abdullah

“Cool!!!” Emil Ski Kolodziejski

“Just think… Are you the fall guy? Are you sick of always being the person they shame when others are to blame….. Not anymore, get your life in order and protect with the best…. Not much to pay for protection and piece of mind… Don’t waste time……” John Septon

“have not used yet but well worth joining. Nice to know someone is there to help” Karl Lewis

“I have already joined and glad I did; I have been a Door Supervisor in Manchester for a few years now and recently found myself in a deep hole of trouble at work and was on the verge of quitting my job just to end all the stress. One call to the SIU and I was called back very quickly by a professional representative. The SIU listened to my situation and have took total control of my employment issues for me. I slept really well last night for the first time in months, in my opinion this was because the pressure and stress that I have been dealing with was lifted by the SIU. I feel so much better knowing that I have these guys on my side. I can’t stress enough how important it is to join the SIU if you work in any form of security. You have no idea what is going to happen to you tomorrow or what is going to return to you months down the line. These guys pack a punch and have a lot of knowledge in this sector that can mean the difference between loosing you job and walking off with your tail between your legs or keeping your job and holding your head up high. They are that good! Join the SIU; it is the most sensible thing you’ll ever do. I keep you updated! “ Skott Martyn

“I have SIU to back me up in times when no one else can. “ Adam Webster

“glad to have siu should i need them” Carlton Martin Living

“SIUts me fine!” Dave Flynn

“SIU membership is for me because I’m worth it! There when we need them! I know they have my back in serious situations.” Gaff Cain

“I get kept up to date with everything that is happening in the industry.” David Williams

“Nobody else cares like they do” George Mccluskie

“It has everything I love :)” Luke Bantten

“At last I can do my job & know that I am in safe hands should things go wrong as they sometimes do….plus there is a friendly Facebook page where I can get information & actually talk to a real person even late at night instead of hitting an answer phone message” Martin Johnson

“It has all what it takes and I’m loving it…” Noman Arif

“They are on my side, not biased toward my employer.” Chris Tuck

“They offer so much for the ‘little’ guy.” Neil Bettinson-Roberts

“They protect members interests and supply benefits too” George Mccluskie

“It really is hard to believe how easy it is to lose a licence until it’s gone pity you guys weren’t around long before, keep up the good work.” Eamonn Mcfaul

“Tolga and his team @ the siu provide a service and expert advice to all its members. It has been a long time coming that someone has stood up for all security personnel and other services. Being a member of this organisation is not just a membership number or a place on a list it is a fast-growing family. Contact the siu and benefit from the rewards today and you will receive a voice to deal with not just a message or words on a screen.” Hugh Doherty

“Excellent service provided today. This is a must have for any working security male or female. The costs of getting a solicitor, it pays itself and its there for free! Once you have joined the SIU it is a very prompt service.” Alan Bent

“Excellent.” Ryan Gough-Hughes

“I’m all for getting the fees down.” Kelvin Johnson

“Excellent.” Trevor Newton

“It’s something that’s been needed a long time.” Wayne Barton

“Good to have support” Samuel Bruce-Angland

“Great job! Love it!” Izzatullah Rahmatullah

“Very good site and good cause too” Ehtisham Sheikh

“Great idea.” Alan Valentine

“Thank you!” Tiffany Harvey

“It’s about time!” Roy Blanchette

“I am glad to see that.” Robert Sandy

“Very good.” Robert Anderson

“Great to hear about you!” Lee Price

“I think it is really good!” Richard Corbiere

“Doing good keep it up.” Rebecca Howarth

“Good work.” Ronan Kelly

“Keep up good work.” Howard Bird

“Looks like a great job you are doing here.” Gary Phillips

“I think it’s a must.” Alex Duffey

“The best.” Paulo Almeida

“Excellent news!” Stephen Martin

“Very useful.” Jason Duggan

“Looks very professionally organised.” Anthony Wright

“I hope we can make a difference and work towards a self-regulating industry.” Kurt Oliver

“Keep up the good work.” Ross Dougall

“Excellent, keep up the good work!” Davson Sivapatham

“Very good and informative.” Cecilia Lewis

“Good.” Barrie Jones

“Very positive.” Lee Harris

“I wish this membership had been sooner.” Mark Swales

“Very very good.” Benjamin Sherman

“I think it’s great what you are doing. Thank you.” Samuel Rayner

“Keep up the great work.” Aaron Hawkins

“Fantastic to know that we have support.” Melanie Masterson

“Very informative.” Duncan Edwards

“Very good.” Aneeb Khalid

“Well done! Great work SIU.” Manpreet Soker


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