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12-year-old saves grandpa after learning Heimlich manoeuvre from Wiltshire Air Ambulance crew

A 12-year-old boy who saved his grandad from choking on a sweet said he learnt the skills from a visit to school by air ambulance paramedics.

Maxi said he was taught the Heimlich manoeuvre by crew from the Wiltshire Air Ambulance came to his school, Westonbirt Prep in Tetbury.

He said it was “quite frightening” but was glad granddad Francis Collingborn, 72, had been OK.

Mum Joanna said Maxi was very calm and they were all “lucky he was there”.

Maxi – who was 11 at the time – told BBC Radio Wiltshire he had been “in the sitting room with my grampy and I gave him a mint and it just went straight down into his throat”.

His grandma, Patricia Collingborn was outside in the garden when the incident happened.

“There was a quick moment of panic but I thought if I went out to [Granny Patricia] it would be too late,” he said.

“So I did the Heimlich manoeuvre like I learnt in school and it came straight out.

“It was quite frightening but I thought it had to be done else something might have gone wrong, thankfully it went well,” he added.

A week before the incident Maxi had undergone first aid training with the air ambulance when they visited his school where they learned CPR.

In recognition of his endeavours Maxi and his family visited the air ambulance aircrew in August at their base in Semington.

For Maxi, an aspiring doctor, and older brother Ted,14, who wants to become a pilot, the visit was “an amazing experience”.

Mum Joanna, 47, said: “We’re very proud of Maxi, I don’t think I would have been so calm in that situation.

“The whole family were amazed that Maxi had kept calm and did it, everyone was stunned.”

Maxi said he hoped to qualify as a doctor or a professional athlete and found meeting pilot Elvis Costello and paramedic Keith Mills “inspiring”.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance emergency awareness training instructor Andrew Robinson said: “This is exactly why the charity began the programme four years ago and we have so far delivered the training to more than 20,000 children across Wiltshire, Bath and surrounding areas.

“It’s brilliant to hear that Maxi was able to take what he was taught by Wiltshire Air Ambulance in school and put it into practice when the need was there.”

(Source: BBC)


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