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Air passengers now free to carry liquid on them

London City Airport now uses high-tech scanners to allow passengers to carry on up to two litres of liquid and toiletries.

The new kit also allows passengers to keep electronic devices in hand luggage at security.

The tightened rules after 9/11 attacks because of heightened security concerns are now eased up with the help of technology.

Before, British police were afraid terrorists could construct bombs using liquids inside the cabins of aircraft. Officers had foiled up to 10 attacks where drinks would have been employed.

London City Airport has brought in C3 scanners which takes high-resolution 3D images of bags.

Chief operating officer Alison FitzGerald said screening staff had been retrained to use the technology.

She added: “The level of processing now through the X-ray is even more secure than it was previously and the machine has the ability to differentiate to between a non-dangerous and a dangerous liquid.

“The whole process is quicker on the basis that previously you needed to empty your bag and put that in multiple trays whereas now it’s one bag in one tray and you don’t need to take everything out.”

Harry Kind, a consumer expert, stated to BBC: “It’s really important passengers actually check what the rules are for the airports they’re flying from and flying to.

“This change will make a massive difference and reduce the number of people missing flights and losing out on their holidays just because they’ve got a too big bottle of shampoo.”

Both Heathrow and Gatwick airports have been trialling 3D scanners – a technology made vastly more complicated because of the volume of passengers they have to deal with each day.

(Source: BBC)


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