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Allied Facilities to be the latest company to join ACS Pacesetters

The ACS Pacesetters announced that Allied Facilities Limited became the latest company to join the membership after achieving an SIA ACS score in the top 15% of accredited companies.

Allied Facilities is a Dorset-based company founded in 1981 as a security services provider, later to incorporate cleaning and other labour services into its core business in 2010.

Since then, the company has evolved into one of the largest independent Facilities Management providers in the South of England with many of their client’s remaining with them for decades.

Allied Facilities offer a wide range of security and consultancy services including Mobile Patrols, Key Holding and Alarm Response (Intruder and Fire), Security Guarding, Event Security, CCTV Monitoring, Reception, Concierge and Security Reviews.

Allied Facilities spokesperson said: “Following the acquisition of Allied Facilities.com Ltd in 2012 and the merger of the two companies, Allied Facilities Ltd was established in the same year and the company incorporated many other Facilities Soft Services into what we provide to our clients and now offer a total Facilities Management Solution to many organisations across the South of England.

“We were first awarded Approved Contractor Status (ACS) by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in 2006 and have repeatedly scored highly year on year putting us in the top few percentages of ACS Companies and we are now proud to take our rightful place as a member of Pacesetters.”

About The ACS Pacesetters

The ACS Pacesetters is independent of the SIA and the ACS and promotes those security companies who are SIA approved contractors that currently have a score in the top 15% of all accredited companies.

The SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) provides a recognised hallmark of quality for all security companies with that status within the private security industry.

(Source: ACS Pacesetters)

(Image: ACS Pacesetters)


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