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Corps Security to donate 40 suits to Suited and Booted

The Corps Security team in London have donated over 40 ex uniform suits to Suited and Booted, a charity which provides help to vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men to get into employment.

The first donation of Corps Security last week consisted of trousers, jackets and shirts for the less fortunate.

Suited and Booted charity provides donated items from companies across the capital to men, who cannot afford to buy the clothes required to look the part for their interview along with professional support and advice on interview techniques.

All candidates who seek the help of Suited and Booted charity have a much higher chance of success and could find themselves getting the job they are looking for.

In its first year, the charity has helped about 800 men for their job interviews by providing them with a suit, shirt and tie, and accessories. 

Following the delivery of Corps’ 40 suits in the Corps Security vehicle, Clarence from Corps Security team in London spent time looking at the amazing work that the charity does.

Within the conversation, the charity shared an issue with which they suffer – collecting donations. As a not-for-profit charity, with volunteers, many do not have a vehicle to collect donations from London companies.

Clarence and the team have since agreed to provide support with the Corps Security vehicle, when possible, to get those all-important donations to the charity headquarters.

(Source and Image: Corps Security)


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