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Dutch Police’s close protection security team success amidst Macron protests

Dutch Police stopped a demonstrator who was running towards Macron for protest by tackling him before he can reach the French president.

Macron’s first official visit to Netherlands was interrupted by protests over his pensions reform.

A speech he gave on European sovereignty at the Nexus Institute in The Hague was interrupted.  

“I think we lost something; where is French democracy?” one male protester shouted while another yelled “Why did you bypass [the] French parliament?” in reference to the political crisis that has emerged over the president’s flagship pensions reform in France.

Macron responded with, “Do you allow me to answer?” and turned toward the protesters, who continued to heckle him over his green track record and held a banner saying, “President of violence and hypocrisy.”

Amidst protests in the Netherlands, a video showing a demonstrator running towards Macron was featured on AT5.

The demonstrator is tackled by the Dutch Police before he can reach Macron.

Some security professionals commented online that it was the perfect example of how you stop threats before they become one.

(Source: Politico)

(Image: Public Domain Archive)

(Video Source: AT5)


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