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“It cannot be right”: Met Chief re-iterated calls for pay rise for officers

Sir Mark Rowley reacted to Metfriendly survey by re-iterating calls for a pay rise in line with inflation.

The survey found hundreds of police officers had missed meals due to lack of money.

Sir Mark Rowley said: “It cannot be right that police officers, the people who society turn to when they are most in need, are themselves turning to food banks, getting into unsustainable debt and choosing not to eat so they can pay their bills.”

A survey by Metfriendly, a financial service for the Met staff, found 86% of officers and staff had financial concerns and hundreds of officers were turning to food banks during the cost-of-living crisis.

The survey, conducted on more than 3,000 serving police officers, found that most were in a worse position than they were six months ago.

Results showed 27% of respondents admitted to missing meals, while 8% admitted to using a food bank to support themselves.

Metfriendly said of those surveyed, 60% were doing more overtime, 26% had a second job and 40% were selling their possessions.

Moreover, over a third (37%) were considering leaving the police force altogether according to Metfriendly.

“Frontline officers have seen their salaries fall by around 17% in real terms over a decade,” the Met chief explained.

“This report lays bare the very real impact that is having in the context of the cost-of-living crisis and the urgent need to address it.”

The Met is the UK’s largest police service and currently employs more than 43,000 officers and staff.


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