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OCS UK takes green initiative to support employee wellbeing

OCS UK took a “green” initiative to support positive mental health among its employees. The initiative involved OCS’s Learning & Development Team taking part in caring for saplings, tree seed planting and tending to the produce being grown for food banks.

A spokesperson from OCS UK said: “We are pleased to see our teams taking part in these initiatives and we encourage others to take a proactive approach in maintaining positive mental health.”

The initiative was arranged through PATT Foundation/Green Task Force, following a quarterly meeting held at their premises, where they invited OCS UK team into their greenhouses to work along side their Nursery team.

“Whilst supporting there, our team learnt about some of the wellbeing aspects to getting your hands in the soil,” a spokesperson from OCS UK said.

“Soil contains a bacteria called Mycobacterium Vaccae that is absorbed through the skin of our fingers and palms when gardening and the bacteria releases serotonin in the brain. Serotonin strengthens our immune systems and is a natural antidepressant, providing a general sense of wellbeing, as well as reduced anxious and stressful feelings.”

(Source: OCS UK LinkedIn Page)


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