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Old phone box to be UK’s first “Digital safety pod”

The old phone box on Rubery high street will be turned into the UK’s first “Digital safety pod” for the public, where people can take refuge, access life-saving equipment and contact police in an emergency.

It is hoped the “Digital safety pod” will be used as a place of safety for victims of domestic violence, those suffering with poor mental health or other victims of crime.

The current works will see the phone box receive a new painted look with the installation of a blood control kit for use in emergencies.

The renovations, funded by donations from Bromsgrove District Council and the public, are expected to be completed by the end of summer with the installation of CCTV, an automatic and manually locking door, a monitor, an alarm, reinforced windows, power and lighting and direct 999 call access.

The fundraising project has successfully raised around £5,000 with a further £10,000 needed for completion. The phone box has been donated by Devendra Kuma, who owns the nearby Post Office.

Farrah McNutt

The project has been launched by Farrah McNutt, who owns Catch a Thief UK, a business which helps retailers prevent shoplifting, anti-social behaviour, vandalism and other issues.

Farah McNutt said: “This has been a lot tougher than I thought but I know I will get the job done.

“There is still lots of work to be done before we get the old box looking into a clean respectable looking condition with a fresh lick or two of paint.

“The windows for the box, some CCTV and a bleed medical control kit have already been purchased which are stored at the Post Office ready to be installed after the repaint and drying process has been completed.

“Still awhile to go but I know we will get there in the end, we are also reaching out to anyone who would be interested to help with the project to get in touch, the more help we can get the better and faster we could get this done.

“A big Thank You to all members of the public who have donated funds to help with the project, we still have a little more to raise to get this ready and I will show a breakdown of the cost of the project and what was total raised once the project is completed.

“You can still donate to the project via Crowdfunder or can take part in our prize draws via our Safer Street Project page on Facebook.”

(Source and Images: LinkedIn)


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