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Police Federation announced nominees for Police Bravery Awards 2023

The Police Federation of England and Wales unveiled the 2023 nominees for the annual Police Bravery Awards, with 88 individuals across 35 forces being identified for the heroic acts of bravery.

The award ceremony will be held on Thursday, July 13th with the support of Police Mutual.

The Police Federation of England and Wales receives nominations for officers across 43 force areas each year, consisting of officers who have put the safety of others before themselves. From running into burning buildings, wading into deep waters, tackling armed offenders, being shot at, stabbed, driven at, the list goes on.

“Every officer we recognise at the Police Bravery Awards is an inspiration and we pay credit to their dedication to duty in the presence of senior officials in government and policing, culminating in a glittering awards ceremony,” a spokesperson from Police Federation said.

Kerry McMahon-White, Head of Partnerships at Police Mutual, said: “We are very proud to continue to sponsor the National Police Federation of England and Wales Police Bravery Awards honouring exceptional Officers who have served their communities in extraordinary ways demonstrating exceptional bravery, commitment and sacrifice.

“I am sure I can speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say that all Police officers are heroes regardless of whether you win an award or not.

“You go to work every day never knowing what you will face in your shift, putting the safety and security of the public before your own, running towards danger regardless of the personal risks you are taking.

“We pay tribute to all of you who get up every day, proudly pull on the uniform, and put yourselves in harm’s way so that the rest of us can live our lives in safety.”

Nominees include a courageous police officer of Avon and Somerset Police, who ran into a burning block of flats with no protective equipment and helped save two men hanging from their window on the 16th floor; a police officer of Derbyshire Police, who prevented another colleague from suffering severe injury after they were attacked by two violent offenders; five officers of Lancashire Police, who jumped into a river to do everything they could to save a woman who tried to take her own life; two police officers of Suffolk Police, who averted suspected armed robbery at a betting shop; an off-duty officer of West Yorkshire Police, who detained knife-wielding suspects heading to an organised street brawl; and many more.

The full list of nominees and their incredible stories may be seen and read here.

(Source: Police Federation)


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