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Shoplifters attacking staff with needles infected with HIV – Iceland Foods boss says three of its staff are now HIV positive

Three Iceland staff are HIV positive after being attacked by shoplifters with hypodermic needles, the chain’s boss has told MailOnline. 

Richard Walker, executive chairman of Iceland Foods, is the latest retail leader to speak out about the increase in violent attacks on staff across the UK high street. 

He told MailOnline: ‘Every single week I receive an average of 12 reports of ”serious incidents” where managers and other colleagues have been attacked in our stores, almost always by shoplifters.

‘Colleagues are being slapped, punched and threatened with a range of weapons including knives, hammers, firearms and hypodermic needles.

‘Three of our store colleagues are now HIV positive as a result of these needle attacks. Other assaults have resulted in injuries ranging from a broken jaw to a fractured skull.’

The idea of victims being infected with HIV after being attacked by people with infected needles has long been a dark urban myth, but Mr Walker’s comments show this has now become a reality. 

Staff at other chains have been punched, bottled and stabbed by thieves – who store security experts say are increasingly operating in organised criminal gangs. 

Co-op employees have also been threatened with syringes, while another was assaulted with a medieval mace, a senior executive told MailOnline. 

(Source: Daily Mail)


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