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SIA launches new videos to guide licence applicants

Security Industry Authority (SIA) launched 8 new guidance videos for licence applicants and existing licence holders.
There are currently more than 415,000 SIA licence holders in the UK and on average 53,000 users use the SIA’s online licensing system monthly.

The new videos provide helpful guidance to licence applicants and licence holders in a visual and easy-to-understand format.

These include 5 videos providing walk-throughs of SIA’s licensing process and 3 videos providing helpful guidance on renewing a licence in the sectors with new training requirements.

The new videos include: Registering for a personal SIA online account; Submitting an SIA licence application; A guide to the stages of your licence application; Linking to a business account; Requesting a replacement SIA licence card; Renewing your door supervisor licence; Renewing your security guarding licence; Renewing your close protection licence.
Iestyn David, SIA’s Head of Licensing and Service Delivery, said: “It’s important we give our customers quality advice and guidance to support them with the application process, and that we provide the information so that customers can easily self-serve any queries they have.
“We’ve been reviewing the advice and guidance we make available to customers to identify what more we can do to make the information more visual and easily understood.

“The new videos were developed as part of a wider review by our licensing team, keeping the customer experience at the forefront throughout.

“We will continue to monitor our contact strategy and continuously improve the advice and guidance we publish to help make the application process as straightforward as possible for new and returning customers.” 

All the new videos are hosted on SIA’s official YouTube channel and will also be accessible via and SIA’s online licensing system.

(Source: SIA)


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