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The CP Bible: “Close Protection” Book

Author and subject matter expert Richard J Aitch published his second book Close Protection, A Closer Observation of The Protection Equation, the most comprehensive and detailed book ever published on the subject matter in the World and since the publishing, it has quickly reached to 36 countries and received excellent reviews. 

This is the most powerful book in the history of close protection and the security industry in the World.

“The most in-depth publication that cuts through the chaff, the government regulator’s tempo and the disinterested, excusing people. This book pulls no punches where the content speaks for itself.”

Richard J Aitch served in the Parachute Regiment and the Close Protection Unit, Royal Military Police, before transitioning into the private sector and currently is the Director of Operations Mobius International UK Ltd, and consults to various national media outlets on Counter Terrorism and Government and private sector Close Protection. 

Since forming the Security Industry Authority, the regulator for the security industry in the United Kingdom, and their licensing for CP in 2006, the Author has been a critique of the sub-standards and campaigned and lobbied the government.

This book is for those who want to get a true and accurate picture of the state of the close protection industry and learn how to further your operational performance and longevity in the sector.

This book is the updated version of the First Edition, Close Protection, A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation, published in 2012. 

The First Edition has been delivered to over 60 countries and became the leading publication on Close Protection, covering all aspects of the subject matter, including operational and training requirements for corporate and hostile environments. 

This new Revised and Updated Edition contains two parts; 

  • Part 1, The Ascertainment of Operational Performance, and 
  • Part 2, The Ascertainment of Foul Play 

The Revised and Updated Edition is recommended and used as a background reader at Buckinghamshire New University for the Foundation Degree in Protective Security Management and is reported to be ordered by various government departments as well as commercial organisations, including but not limited to the following;

  • Government protection units
  • Training providers 
  • Academics in the field of Criminology and Security & Risk Management Degree study
  • Security companies and organisations
  • Security departments of Embassies & Consulates

In addition to the above, copies of this book are also held in libraries across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


Close Protection

A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation

Revised Edition

ISBN: 978-1-3999-2661-4

Where to buy:


Note to SIU members:

E-mail and claim your £25 educational voucher after purchasing the book directly from the vendor. 

(Images: Richard J Aitch/Linkedin)


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