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Three new trench warfare training facilities to be built in England and Wales

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is seeking potential contractors to build three new trench warfare training facilities in England and Wales.

One of the new trenching systems is to be constructed at Stanford Training Area (STANTA) – a 30,000-acre British military exercise area – located 25 miles south-west of Norwich.

The value of the contract in Norfolk is estimated to be worth £1,650,000 and has a contract start date of January 2024 with works to be completed by mid-June 2024.

The Government department has notified the market of a restricted procedure to find suppliers for the construction job.

Ministry of Defence

The notification reads, “requirements are likely to include trench facilities located close to the perimeter of the Urban Training Facility, consisting of pre-cast concrete ducts/channels forming linear T-shaped trenches, with a mixture of pre-cast and cast in-situ structures”.

It goes on to say that, “the effect to be achieved is training facilities that replicate a contemporary operating environment that has been subjected to modern warfare”.

“The new facilities must enable the trainer to create realistic environments that cover a multitude of scenarios in the urban environment,” the notification adds.

Another potential site for development will include Caerwent Training Area in Monmouthshire and the contract is estimated to be worth £1,370,000. The third site is the British Army’s tank and artillery training grounds at the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) in Wiltshire.

This comes after the MOD announced that in the past year, more than 17,000 Ukrainian civilians had been trained in the UK, including coaching on trench construction and fighting.

Interested parties have a 10 August deadline for submitting tenders.

(Source: Forces.Net)

(Photo: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2022)


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