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WATCH: Group of thieves stealing from Tesco try to get away before being caught by undercover unit

A group of thieves tried to get away with stolen items from Tesco before being caught by an undercover security unit.

Two men who raided Tesco’s in Waltham Abbey were today arrested by The TM Eye Prolific Crimes Team, having stolen over £3,000 worth of electrical goods. A third man escaped.

The men had entered the Tesco store, filled up a trolley with expensive electrical goods valued at over £3,000, and then just walked out of the door in front of staff and security. The lone security officer tried to grab the trolley but was assaulted. A pregnant woman passer by was also threatened and assaulted. The men began to load the boot of their black BMW car with the stolen goods and were about to drive away.

The TM Eye team had been undertaking handcuff training and were in a local cafe having a break. They saw the raid and immediately took action. An off duty police detective assisted.

The team intervened and despite a violent struggle managed to detain two of the suspects. The third hit a TM Eye detective and ran off.

Additional TM Eye staff arrived and the two suspects were handcuffed and arrested by the off duty officer.

Police were called and after a period attended.

The men had attacked another Tesco store in Brookfield Fram, Cheshunt hours earlier stealing over £4,000 worth of goods.

Both incidents were captured on CCTV and phone footage.

Both men were arrested and are now in police custody.

TM Eye CEO David McKelvey said: ”These three robbers were very unlucky today in targeting a Tesco store whilst the TM Eye team were having lunch nearby.

“Without thought they intervened and detained these violent offenders.

“Great work by all”.


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