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WATCH: “Knife madness” – Machete-wielding kids in Leeds City Centre

A video appeared on social media which shows a group of teenagers wielding sword-like knives or machetes in Leeds City Centre.

Norman Brennan, a retired London Police Officer and a leading campaigner on police protection, shared the video saying “a knife madeness has descended on Britain”.

He also commented: “Folks what amazes me about this Shocking SWORD FIGHT in Leeds is that whilst it’s going on, people are Nonchalantly going about their business & just walking by sort of like well it’s just another Knife/Sword/Machete fight part of life now, ain’t it”.

Earlier this year, the Daily Mail revealed that over 2,800 children were arrested with knives both in and outside of school in 2022 – and that almost 35,000 youngsters aged between 10 and 15 have been detained in the last decade.


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