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WATCH: Police arrest man who threw washing machine and sofa at officers

A man who threw a washing machine and other contents of a flat at police officers was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

On 8 June this year, Safin Mustafa entered Boroughbury Medical Centre in Craig Street, Peterborough city centre, demanding to be seen by a specific doctor.

After being turned away and advised no appointments were available, Mustafa ripped a fire extinguisher from the wall and used it to bang against the door of an appointment room whilst shouting abuse at the doctor inside.

Watch: Body-worn video footage of Mustafa being arrested

Mustafa, 30, left the location but returned a short while later and repeatedly kicked an electric door, derailing it.

Cambridgeshire Police were called and located Mustafa at an address in Lincoln Road, Millfield, where they tried to engage with him, however he stated he had a knife and threatened to harm himself if anyone entered the property.

Mustafa barricaded himself inside for four hours, setting small fires and throwing the contents of the flat – including a sofa, washing machine, fridge, freezer and food – out of the window at officers and other emergency services staff below.

He proceeded to destroy all the fixtures, fittings, and furniture inside the flat while threatening to harm officers, however a decision was made to force entry, resulting in Mustafa’s arrest.

Mustafa, of Outfield, Bretton, appeared at Cambridge Crown Court on Thursday (7 September), where he was sentenced to 16 months in prison after previously admitting three counts of criminal damage valued at over £35,000 and affray.

Whilst sentencing him, the judge commented that Mustafa “was afforded the hospitality of accommodation and services, and he had abused that hospitality by his criminal conduct and behaviour towards public staff carrying out a public service inclusive of threats of violence and abusive language.”

PC Malachi Creedon, who investigated, said: “As police officers, we come to work knowing that we will often be faced with dangerous situations.

“However, the abuse the officers dealing with Mustafa endured is completely unacceptable, as well as that experienced by staff at the medical centre. I am pleased this was recognised by the judge when sentencing.”

(Source: Cambridgeshire Police)


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