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WATCH: Retailers fear many shoplifters feel beyond the law – “They are so brazen”

Shoplifting costs retailers hundreds of millions of pounds in a year, new special series being aired by ITV news regarding organised criminal gangs targeting retailers across the United Kingdom reveals.

This special ITV series highlights the impact of rising violence, abuse and theft in retail businesses.

Mr Selvaratnam, shop owner.

In this episode, Mr Selvaratnam, who runs his family business at Freshfields Market in Croydon, says: “The incidents of shoplifting have risen drastically and dramatically.”

They experience approximately 10 incidents a day, it has become blatant.

“They are so brazen. They’re clearly getting away for doing this kind of thing,” Mr Selvaratnam says.

“So when we challenge them, it’s almost like “What are you doing? You don’t need to challenge us. We are used to just walking in and out.””

Co-op manager David says, “In my time in this store, I’ve been threatened with knives, razors, hammers. I’ve been physically attacked. Obviously, we get verbally abused daily.”

In this episode you will hear how at least 30 major retail brands have joined forces with the Police to tackle organised retail crime whilst also examining other causes of theft such as food hunger and addiction and how best to deal with opportunists and prolific offenders.

You can watch the episode here.


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