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WATCH: Shocking moment when ambulance worker hits man in need of medical assistance who spat on him

Footage of an ambulance worker hitting a man in need of medical attention featured on social media. The man is seen spitting on the ambulance worker which is followed by an angry reaction by the ambulance worker who in turn hits him.

Male ambulance worker is seen hitting and swearing at the man.

The footage created a backlash on social media. One user who shared the video on social media said: “On Monday night on the corner of Stuart Road and Aveling Road in Highwycombe Bucks, an Ambulance attended due to a person in need of medical help. Just look at the actions of this Thug of an Ambulance man, its bloody disgusting and despicable. The whole neighbourhood was horrified witnessing this vile act.No wonder our NHS is going down the pan with animals like this being employed.”

Other users sided with the ambulance worker: “I get paramedics are meant to be professional, but everyone has a limit especially late at night after a possibly long shift, having to deal with a shitty individual when you could be saving lives. Hope the paramedic doesn’t lose his job over this. “

Another user made a correction regarding the information which related the ambulance service to NHS: “Just want to add this isn’t an NHS ambulance- it’s pheonix a private company (as seen on the side of the ambulance)

“It’s absolutely horrendous behaviour. We also don’t know what grade that person is (paramedic, technician, ECA) as each ambulance is different.”

In the meantime, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust released a statement on social media, stating that the ambulance worker in question has been suspended by the private ambulance company they work for.


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