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Westminster Abbey to be turned into fortress to protect Crown Jewels

Security is ramped up ahead of King’s Coronation to protect the Crown Jewels at Westminster Abbey.

Police will be on high alert in the run-up to the King’s Coronation to ensure the Crown Jewels are kept safe from would-be thieves.

Thousands of officers will be manning the streets of London, while Westminster Abbey will be turned into a fortress to ward off a potential heist.

Undercover officers will mingle with the crowds when the King and Queen Consort journey to and from Buckingham Palace, while snipers, elite guards and the military will also be involved in a top-secret exercise dubbed Operation Tower of London.

The coronation, like the Queen’s funeral, will be one of the biggest events ever seen in the country, and authorities are leaving no stone unturned to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Huge security operation

A source told the Mirror: “The operation is huge, certainly in a similar scale to that of the funeral of the Queen.

“Every available arm of the police and security services has been dispatched.

“The exercise turns the Abbey into Operation Tower of London, focussing on maximum security and maximum lockdown.”

There are also concerns over protesters planning to disrupt proceedings, with Cabinet Office minister Oliver Dowden revealing he has received intelligence reports about potential disturbance.

“We take this very ­seriously,” he said. “I have been meeting with the Home Secretary, with the Culture Secretary, who has responsibility for the ­ceremonials.”

The Mirror also revealed that jamming technology to block drones from flying near the Coronation will be used on 6 May. The Civil Aviation Authority has imposed a “no-fly zone” over Central London.

Counter-drone radar units will be set up on the procession route along with devices to block signals between pilots on the ground and their aircraft.

Rooftop teams with high-powered binoculars will also help spot troublemakers and potential terror threats.

Counter-terrorist specialist firearms officers, dubbed Robocops, will be deployed along with fast response units on motorbikes.

A source said: “There will be a special forces presence but it will be very low-key.”

The Coronation Regalia

The heart of the Crown Jewels and housed in the Tower of London where they are kept on public display, the Coronation Regalia are sacred and secular objects which symbolise the service and responsibilities of the monarch.

The Regalia have played a central role in Coronation Services for hundreds of years and, in keeping with tradition, will be used at Westminster Abbey on 6 May.

As part of the Royal Collection, the Regalia are held in trust by the Monarch on behalf of the nation.

The King and Camilla have been rehearsing with replicas of the Crown Jewels, staffs and swords, which were created prior to King George VI’s coronation in 1937.

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