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Working With Crowds publishes calendar of crowd incidents: On This Day

Working With Crowds, a website focusing on Crowd Safety Management, published a calendar of crowd incidents that have happened through the years.

The calendar allows users to view the catalogue of incidents in an easier format.

Working With Crowds says: “To assist with the understanding of crowd incidents we present this calendar of crowd related incidents through the years.

“This will allow you to interact with the incidents via a calendar layout. This only marks the incident by day and the link will take you to the full page. As the site expands, we are always adding information.”

Mark McQuade, Senior Operations Manager at FGH Security and the creator of On This Day calendar, said: “Shared knowledge and understanding makes our events safer for our customers.

“This started as a personal reference resource born of frustration to research incidents. Hopefully this will help our team industry partners as well.”

A spokesperson from FGH Security shared the website online and said: “Our very own Mark McQuade has built one of the most in-depth catalogues of historic crowd related incidents.

“Only by studying previous failures, can we keep people safe in the future.”

United Kingdom Crowd Management Association shared the calendar, commenting: “Massive thanks to Mark McQuade and all at Working With Crowds for all the hard work creating this fantastic new resource – a timeline and calendar of crowd related incidents and disasters, to support research.”

In a comment, McQuade added: “What started as a personal reference library has grown somewhat. If it helps one person it is worth it.

“To anyone that uses the resource, if you find anything missing or are looking for something in particular let me know.”

You can view On This Day calendar here.


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