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Cumbria police officer faces misconduct panel for “assaulting a member of public”

A police officer who ‘assaulted a member of the public’ is due to face a misconduct panel.

PC Rashid Said potentially faces being sacked or barred from policing when a misconduct hearing takes place next week.

It is alleged the Cumbria Police officer assaulted a man in the Wigan area earlier this year.

In a misconduct hearing notice published by Cumbria Police, the allegation said: “It is alleged that on the 7th May 2023, on Elizabeth Avenue, Birckershaw [sic], PC Said assaulted a member of the public by aiming a kick at him whilst he was lying on the floor being restrained by others.”

It is alleged that if the allegation was proven, PC Said’s ‘discreditable conduct’ would amount to gross misconduct and justify dismissal.

The hearing is due to take place on August 2.

The panel will be led by a legally qualified chair, who is assisted by an officer of superintendent rank and an independent lay person.

The hearing will take place at Cumbria Police HQ at Penrith from 10am.

The case will be held in public due to new legislation introduced in 2015.

Misconduct hearings should be held in public to improve transparency and accountability, police say.

Explaining the hearing, Cumbria Police said: “A misconduct hearing takes place when we believe someone employed by us has breached the standards of professional behaviour.

“At the hearing, the facts of the case will be presented and the officer involved will have the opportunity to explain their conduct and the circumstances surrounding the allegation.

“We hold some misconduct hearings and special case hearings in public.”

According to Cumbria Police, nine officers have been found to have committed gross misconduct since 2019, the furthest back public records go.

Earlier this year Amelia Porteous was dismissed after a hearing found she had inputted false updates to police systems and lied after she failed to turn up for work.

Chief constable Michelle Skeer said the officer’s conduct ‘fell well below what is expected’.

(Source: Times & Star)


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