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WATCH: XL Bully dog terrorises streets, attacks little girl – Home Secretary commissions “urgent advice” to ban XL Bully dogs

This is the horrific moment an XL Bully dog attacks a little girl before going for two men trying to save her.

The nightmare bite attacks unfolded as the animal’s owner was taking it for a walk on Saturday afternoon in Bordesley Green, Birmingham.

A video circulating online which was taken from the top deck of a double-decker bus showed the rampage erupt. The little girl’s arms was chomped on by the animal before a man managed to pull the dog off her.

She ran into a shop for safety as the XL Bully was held on the floor but it then managed to escape. The dog sprints after another man, who is seen on the film wearing a while t-shirt and shorts.

He is chased onto a petrol station forecourt where he was attacked before the animal is hit and stops the attack.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman is now pushing for a ban of the American XL Bully breed, arguing they are a ‘clear and lethal danger’ – particularly to children. 

(Source: Daily Mail)


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