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First UK business to champion bleed kit initiative: Sheffield Forgemasters

Sheffield Forgemasters has become the first UK company to deploy workplace bleed kits.

The kits, provided by The Daniel Baird Foundation charity, are designed to quickly stem bleeding from life-threatening traumatic wounds, which may otherwise cause a fatal loss of blood before the emergency services can attend.

Seven kits will be installed across the company’s 64-acre site, with a kit at Gate One security registered with the emergency services for public use, in the event that leaves a person bleeding heavily.

Accidents happen, bleed control kit can help save a life

Janet Hardy, Occupational Health Manager, said: “We have worked with The Daniel Baird Foundation to understand the importance of fast treatment of traumas which may otherwise cause life-threatening blood loss.

“Sheffield Forgemasters is the first UK company to deploy bleed kits and we have registered the provision of these kits with the emergency services so that they may also be used to help nearby members of the public in an emergency.

“Severe blood loss is often the primary cause of death from traumas like car accidents or stab injuries and stemming the bleeding in a fast and effective manner can buy valuable time to get a casualty into hospital or ambulance care.”

Raising awareness of the importance of accessible bleed kits

The Daniel Baird Foundation was set up by the Baird family after Daniel Baird, (26) was stabbed during a Birmingham night out with friends in the early hours of 8th July 2017. With no first-aid or bleeding control kit available, Daniel died from catastrophic bleeding shortly after arriving at hospital.

Its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of having publicly accessible bleeding control packs available for emergency situations.

Each kit contains tourniquets, specialist dressings to manage moderate to severe blood loss, innovative chest-seal devices for penetrating lung injuries, CPR face-masks, scissors for cutting clothing away and sterile gloves.

Janet added: “We are delighted to be the first UK business to champion this incredible initiative in the workplace and for the wider community benefit and hope this will set an example for other companies to follow.”

Information about The Daniel Baird Foundation charity and an option to buy bleed kits can be found here.

(Source and Image: Sheffield Forgemasters)


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