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Huge reaction to Sunak’s jogging and bicycle-riding police escort

Police officers were seen jogging and riding bicycles alongside Rishi Sunak’s motorcade in the footage of him returning to Downing Street over the weekend.

Footage posted online showed about 20 police officers jogging in front of four blacked-out Range Rovers and a people carrier.

Around 10 officers on bicycles were seen at the very front of the unusual convoy.

Another officer, riding a bicycle, was shown pushing a man out of the way of the oncoming motorcade.

Richard J Aitch, subject matter expert and the author of Close Protection book, commented “Having spent 30 years providing protection throughout military, FCDO and private sector, I find the use of this ‘procedure’ for want of a better word, as not only confusing but ridiculous.”

The video was posted online this weekend when the London Marathon caused a number of road closures in the capital.

Demonstrators from Extinction Rebellion have also recently gathered in Westminster, including Parliament Square, during a four-day protest.

Many on social media were quick to criticise the heavy-handed policing.

Many users likened him to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who had similar running bodyguards.

One user replied to the video saying: “Looks like a homage to Pyongyang on military parade day.”

A user replied to the footage with a video of Kim Jong-un’s running bodyguards.

Another user emphasized spending aspect: “Looking at Sunak’s police escort today they will spend much more than £3 million on his security every year.”

Another wrote that this was a waste of police time as well as the taxpayer’s money.

(Source: Twitter)


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