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Knightsbridge Partnership Street Team decreased crime and theft by 45 percent amid shoplifting epidemic

The Metropolitan Police has reported that theft levels have decreased across Knightsbridge by 45 percent compared to the same period in 2019, and by six percent compared to the same period in 2022. 

In June, a decrease was reported in robbery, vehicle and drug offences compared to the same period in 2022. 
In 2023, the Knightsbridge Partnership Street Team recovered £37,600 of stolen goods and £7,771 of personal items. 

Knightsbridge Partnership Street Team Oumar and Bilal

My Local Boby supplies security officers for the Knightsbridge Partnership Street Team.

Former Met Police Detective Chief Inspector and My Local Bobby’s CEO David McKelvey said: ”Further proof, if needed, that community based policing works.

“The local business community are proud of their dedicated Bobbies, Oumar and Bilal, and know that they can call on them for immediate assistance.

“Oumar and Bilal daily deal with shoplifters, pick pockets and other offenders, as well as ensuring that area looks and feels safe.

“At My Local Bobby we believe that not only should our Community be ‘safe’ but also feel ‘safe’. And that is exactly what our Bobbies do.”

About My Local Bobby

My Local Bobby is the first ‘private police force’ in the country, patrolling the streets and offering a high visibility deterrent with body cameras to record incidents and offences.

The aim for establishing the company, co-founder David McKelvey states, is “providing a real solution to the current policing crisis, supporting law enforcement to ‘prevent and deter’ offending and to ‘catch and convict’ offenders where the authorities are not able or unwilling.”

Founded in 2016 when police resources and budgets were starting to get stretched, My Local Bobby reflects the soul of its founders who, although retired from the police force, still love the ‘job’.

(Source: Knightsbridge Partnership)


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