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WATCH: Military truck drives through roadblock destroying three police cars

A Somerset man has pleaded guilty to 14 criminal charges following a “reign of terror” rampage near Taunton in which he rammed a large military vehicle through a police roadblock, smashing into numerous vehicles.

Geoff Marshall, 41, of Station Road, Norton Fitzwarren, destroyed three police vehicles and one Range Rover during the incident on Station Road in Norton Fitzwarren on Sunday September 10. Marshall also damaged four other vehicles and one further police vehicle.

Marshall also pleaded guilty to damaging a property on Station Road, damaging a lamp post, destroying an iPhone, driving a vehicle dangerously and assault by beating. He appeared at North Somerset Magistrates Court on September 12 and was remanded in custody to appear at Taunton Crown Court for sentencing on Friday October 13.

The video footage above shows a large military-style vehicle driving down Station Road before smashing into three police vehicles in a roadblock. It then hits a Range Rover and takes down a lamppost before continuing to drive down the road.

Prosecutor Paul Kelly told the court that Marshall had been involved in an argument with his wife prior to the rampage and he had smashed her iPhone and thrown it into a river. Mr Kelly said that Marshall’s wife had left their property on Station Road and called the police.

Mr Kelly said: “The police tried to reason with the defendant, who was sitting in a large vehicle. He then started to drive the vehicle out of the property and onto Station Road.”

Mr Kelly said Marshall then drove into a number of parked vehicles on Station Road, including police vehicles, before travelling on towards the M5. At a bridge over the M5, Marshall got out of the vehicle and onto the railings of the bridge, Mr Kelly told the court.

Police officers then managed to talk to Marshall and persuade him to get down from the railings. He was arrested shortly afterwards.

Presiding justice Trevor Morgan said Marshall had carried out a “reign of terror”. Mr Morgan agreed that Marshall should remain in custody until his sentencing because he is “unable to act rationally”.

Prosecutor Mr Kelly told the court that the starting point for sentencing would likely be one-and-half years in custody. 

(Source: SomersetLive)


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