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London Mayor to set up new Policing Board to oversee the Met

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced yesterday (23 May) that he is setting up a London Policing Board to oversee and scrutinise the reform of the Met.

Londoners with diverse lived experiences and backgrounds and a wide range of professional and personal skills are invited to apply and help drive forward the changes and improvements needed to make London a safe city for all.

Establishing a London Policing Board chaired by the Mayor was a recommendation in Baroness Louise Casey’s review of culture and standards in the Met.

In line with Baroness Casey’s recommendation, the new board will drive forward the changes needed, based on the transparent approach to accountability now used by Transport for London, with meetings held in public and a membership representing a range of skills and lived experiences.

Arrangements will reflect the different legal structures in place for policing, including the oversight powers of the Mayor and the operational independence of the Commissioner. 

Members will play a key role in enhancing public trust and confidence 

Members of the board will provide specialist advice to assist the Mayor in holding the Met to account in delivering the reforms needed to rebuild confidence and trust in the police.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “In line with Baroness Casey’s recommendations, I am now setting up a London Policing Board to publicly oversee and scrutinise these reforms to help the Met deliver a safer and fairer London for everyone. 

“I am looking for Board members from across London’s diverse communities and representing a range of expertise and lived experience, who can help me oversee and drive the changes Baroness Casey has identified, for the benefit of all Londoners.

“I look forward to hearing from prospective candidates who want to play an active part in supporting and overseeing the Met, to ensure that all Londoners receive the trusted, representative, fair and effective police service that they deserve.”

Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley said: “As Commissioner it is my responsibility to deliver the reform and changes to policing that both Londoners and officers expect and deserve.

“I welcome the establishment of the London Policing Board and the scrutiny it will provide.

“I am sure we will benefit from the valuable insight of a board which is intended to be reflective of diverse voices and experience from across the city.

“I welcome this new approach to constructive scrutiny, including the opportunity for the process to take place in public so that Londoners can have confidence in the progress we are making towards delivering more trust, less crime and high standards.”

The London Policing Board will hold four public meetings that Londoners can attend and observe each year.

The Members of the Board will be supported by a secretariat team which will co-ordinate and administer their work.

For their work on the Board, Members will receive remuneration of £15,000 p.a. for 15 – 20 days’ commitment per annum.

To find out more and apply to drive forward the changes and improvements needed to make London a safe city for all please visit


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