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Man charged after TikTok “prank videos”

A man has been charged after TikTok “prank videos” showed people entering a private home without permission.

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 18, is expected to appear in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court today (24 May) after he was charged with failing to comply with a community protection notice.

O’Garro, of Manor Road, Hackney, east London, was arrested following an investigation into footage posted online which featured a number of incidents, including apparently unsolicited approaches made towards members of the public in the street or on transport, and entering addresses without the apparent permission of the owners.

Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway from the Metropolitan Police’s Central East Command Unit said: “Understandably there has been extensive comment on this case in the media and on social media.

“Now that an individual has been charged, I would ask that the judicial process be respected and allowed to take its proper course.”

A community protection notice aims to stop a person, aged 16 or over, from taking part in “unreasonable, ongoing problems or nuisances which negatively affect the community’s quality of life”.

(Source: Metropolitan Police)

(Image: Social Media/Facebook)


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