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Man dies after being restrained in police custody, inquest told

A man has died moments after being arrested and restrained by the police on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker, an inquest at Essex Coroner’s Court heard according to the report of BBC.

Jamie Crandle, 41, was heard shouting “My belly!” while being restrained, but arresting officer PC Aaron Donaldson said he “could not recall” any pressure applied to his stomach when asked by area coroner Sean Horstead why he did not give Mr Crandle immediate medical attention.

Mr Crandle was in Brentwood, Essex, staying at the De Rougemont Manor when he appeared to experience a medical episode on the morning of 11 November 2020.

De Rougemont Manor Hotel where Mr Crandle was staying

Police were told Mr Crandle had “thrown chairs” in the hotel, jurors heard according to the BBC report, but giving evidence, hotel associate director Samuel Banks said: “He was erratic but at no point did he come across as violent.”

In body-worn camera footage, Mr Crandle appeared to lunge at an officer, and he was immediately handcuffed on the ground and a restraint was strapped round his ankles.

An ambulance was called at about 10:10, and about two minutes later, one of the officers removed the handcuffs and administered CPR.

A paramedic pronounced him dead at 10:47.

Arresting officer PC Aaron Donaldson said: “We needed to make sure he was contained and we kept him on the pathway to give us a little bit more time to work out what was going on.

“We were trying to keep him as calm as possible.”

PC Jade Harrison, another attending officer, said her priority had also been to get Mr Crandle somewhere safe to establish what had happened and what action was needed.

Both officers said they had a basic level of training in recognising acute behavioural disorder and excited delirium.

“We all did our very best for Jamie,” said PC Harrison.

The body-worn camera footage also showed a man claiming to be a friend who said he knew Mr Crandle had taken cocaine that morning.

Mr Crandle worked as a carpenter, painter and decorator, and his wife Ms Meah said he “struggled” with drinking and the “stresses in his life”.

His wife Lisa Meah said: “My life and our children’s lives will never be the same and we miss him every day.”

The inquest is due to conclude on 6 October, BBC reported.


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