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Policing Minister member of social media group praising ULEZ camera vandalism

The Policing Minister and Conservative MP for Croydon South Chris Philp is a member of a Facebook group called “Croydon say no to ULEZ expansion”, some members of which have celebrated ULEZ camera vandalism.

The Facebook group has nearly 2,000 members and Jason Perry, the Mayor of Croydon, is also listed in the group as an administrator.

Tory mayor Jason Perry, who has not posted pictures of any damaged cameras, has been approached for comment by BBC.

Conservative MP Chris Philp said he condemned criminal damage of cameras, according to BBC report.

BBC reported that Chris Philp commented on the local anti-Ulez Facebook group that he “could not be held responsible for what others post”.

“I completely condemn law-breaking and criminal damage, including in relation to Ulez cameras, much though I disagree with Ulez itself.

“I have already publicly stated my opposition to, and condemnation of, criminal damage to the cameras.

“I cannot be expected to reply to hundreds or thousands of other people’s comments on social media platforms.”

On 30 August, Chris Philp posted on Facebook: “I’m sad to have to say that Labour’s outer London Ultra-Low Emission Zone went live yesterday (29th August) – including almost all of Croydon.

“Sadiq Khan’s decision to implement this swingeing new tax on travel means that residents who use older vehicles to get to work, for the school run or to attend vital appointments will now be charged £12.50 a day –or £4,500 a year if used daily – just to get around. This will disproportionately impact people on lower incomes (who trend to have older cars), stymie business and deter people from coming from elsewhere to visit Croydon. This is a terrible imposition – especially given that outer London has a much sparser public transport network than inner London.

“Khan tried to claim that only a small number of cars are affected – but analysis of DVLA records by the RAC showed that a quarter of London cars are affected, plus many more vans and commercial vehicles.”

The Facebook group includes multiple pictures of vandalised cameras and posts in support for the continued vandalising of them.

This is despite the group rules which state: “Please do not post any content or comment which encourages the vandalism of Ulez cameras”

The Metropolitan Police stated that at least 510 Ulez cameras were stolen or vandalised between 1 April and the end of August this year.

Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, told the BBC it was “deeply concerning” and that “the police minister and mayor of Croydon should immediately shut down this Facebook group, apologise, and make clear they condemn any criminal activity or damage.”


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