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Riot at the theatre: Woman dragged out of The Bodyguard show by security when she refused to stop singing

Crowd management gone wrong as riots broke at ex-Pussycat Doll’s Melody Thornton’s musical The Bodyguard, and several audience members were dragged out of the theatre by security.

Riot police were called to the Palace Theatre in Manchester when the audience members disrupted a performance.

The show was paused in its first act as staff at the theatre were forced to drag out several people singing loudly during the performance.

It was halted again just 10 minutes from the final curtain as police arrived on the scene.

Others attending said that “fights” and “mini riots” erupted in the theatre during the chaotic performance, Manchester Evening News reported.

Footage taken at the event shows women being dragged from the top tier of the theatre.

Members of the audience applaud security guards as they are dragged outside.

Around six police officers were pictured at the venue, while several police vans were parked outside.

One witness said that officers stopped the show during a rowdy rendition of I Will Always Love you.

One person at the show said online: “Seen a lot of reports about bad behaviour at the theatre lately, and wondered if they were a bit overblown.

“Anyway, at the Palace tonight and they had to stop the show during the first act to eject disruptive audience members.

“They’ve had to stop the show AGAIN during the finale because of people shouting out, screaming and being incredibly disruptive.

“Just unbelievably disrespectful to the actors. And they’re refusing to leave. This is horrendous. Never seen anything like it.

“Respect to all the staff at the Manchester Palace for trying to deal with an incredibly difficult situation.”

Melody Thornton apologised to theatre fans for “disrespectful audience members”.

She said: “I like to thank everyone who was respectful of the performers and sorry for those who weren’t, thank you, love you.”

(Source: Dailymail)

(Image: North East Theatre Guide)

(Video: MEN MEDIA)


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