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UK deploys emergency response teams to Morocco following earthquake

Emergency workers from outside Morocco have now joined the rescue effort – much-needed help, as each hour that passes reduces the chances of finding survivors.

The government of Morocco accepted the UK offer for assistance following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake.

The UK deployed a team of search and rescue specialists, including sixty people, four search dogs and rescue equipment, as well as a medical assessment team.

The team was deployed yesterday via two Royal air Force A400M aircraft provided by the Ministry of Defence.

The British kit includes seismic listening devices and concrete cutting and breaking tools for reaching people trapped in rubble.

Rabat has accepted aid offers from Spain, the UK, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. France, the US and some other countries say they are also ready to help.

Spain has sent 86 specialist rescuers in two teams, with four sniffer dogs each.

(Source: Ministry of Defence)

(Images: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023)


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