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WATCH: Mayhem in Birmingham – Two civil enforcement officers being battered on the street by a group of thugs

This is the shocking moment two traffic wardens were brutally pummeled in Birmingham – as it emerged the city’s broke council splurged taxpayers’ cash on woke ‘inclusive’ street signs and hosting the Commonwealth Games.

The disturbing video was filmed in Stratford Road in the Sparkhill area of the city on the day the debt-ridden local authority revealed its financial meltdown – with the attacker allegedly targeted the wardens in retaliation for the crisis. 

Bosses at the bust council have come under fire for the city’s financial mayhem, with the Tories blaming bureaucratic ‘incompetence’ by Labour for causing Birmingham’s bankruptcy debacle. 

In this shocking footage, filmed on Tuesday, one traffic warden can be seen being kneed in the face while another has punches thrown at him in the middle of the busy street.

Onlookers said the thugs struck after claiming the civil enforcement officers had ‘no power any more’.

One witness said: ‘These guys were just doing their jobs and obviously have nothing to do with what’s going on at the council. They were saying they had no power any more around here and several idiots tried to drive them out of the area using the bankruptcy stuff as an excuse.

‘It does make you worry what’s going through these people’s heads. They haven’t got a clue and I fear things could escalate.

‘It’s like they believe the authorities have no power over them any more. What is attacking traffic wardens going to achieve anyway? It’s just moronic behaviour and it took place in broad daylight in front of families with children.’

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: ‘Nobody should suffer abuse or assault for simply trying to do their job and we will be contacting the company that employs the officers to ensure they are OK and see if any support is needed.’ 

A West Midlands Police spokesperson officers were investigating. Inspector Neil Kirkpatrick said: ‘No one should have to be subjected to violence in the course of their work and I’m relieved they did not suffer more serious injuries.

‘We’re determined to bring their assailants to justice and I ask that anyone who witnessed the assault or who has information should contact us if they haven’t already done so.’

(Source: Daily Mail)


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