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Women in security share their experiences in the tech industry

Women’s Security Society organised a webinar titled “Security and Technology” on 19 April, during which two female employees at Securitas UK shared their experiences in the tech industry.

Pamela Izaguirre Westfall, Senior Program Manager, Global Safety and Security Operations at Securitas UK and Mihaela Zaharieva, Global Data Manager at Securitas UK said “the key to a beautiful gown is the tailoring,” and the same can be applied to a company: “Where we adapt our plans to the needs of the client and employees.”

Pamela has been able to embrace the skills of her team including Mihaela, whose expertise has allowed her to filter data and display / visualise it in an ‘easy to digest’ format for leadership.

The team have simply utilised technology to allow them to meet the needs of the client, really showcasing that technology is a tool – that is utilised by great people.

They said: “There is strength behind entering the industry with varying backgrounds.”

The non-technical skills Mihaela and Pamela showcased have been embraced and welcomed by the tech industry.

This includes time management, people skills, public speaking and being able to work with a range of people.

The benefits of speaking a language that can win over people, including the c-suite, is not unique to the industry but a skill that can be applied back into tech.

Pamela and Mihaela said: “Often there is a misconception that working in tech and being an extrovert is uncommon but actually, combining the two leads to real success in the industry.”

One key take-away from the webinar was: “Embrace opportunities, at any time!”

Mihaela’s talent was recognized by a male ally who opened the opportunity for her to upskill in both security and tech, Mihaela embraced this to lead in her global role today.

Pamela was willing to move away from her policy background, staying open minded to move towards into an operational role, the change of pace and scope was embraced as part of the growth.


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